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americaneagle3 started this conversation
Hi, I am writing this in an effort to get any assistance for several problems. I desparately need dental help for what appears to be some type of neuropathy. I have several current medical problems, and was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2005. I developed spinal related problems at the same time, and in a one year period went through 30 rounds of radiation, two surgeries regarding the spinal fluid issues, and an internal inplant hospitalization. Additionally, I was hospitalized for coming close to a stroke, and recently went through emergency three weeks ago for excruciating head pain. An MRI now indicates a return of spinal fluid problems, and I await to see a neurologist. All of this can be documented and verified. Meanwhile my gums, and head feel like its being jolted with electricity.

Well, you know how life goes. We all experience trials. "The enemy will come in like a flood, but the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him"(Isaiah 59:19). My hope ultimately resides in Him, but I thought---why not give this a shot anyway? I have nothing to lose by doing so.

I have developed excruciating pain over and throughtout my body, and find it very difficult to function in all of this. Doctors may be considering placing a shunt in my head, and I do NOT want this! Shunts can be problematic! I am on disability, and its my desire to be able to return to work again and live a normal life again. And to top the sundae off,  my car has begun to have problems with the heat/air, but more importantly---the defroster! Its humid in these parts!!! And I literally cannot drive it at times for that reason.

If anyone feels compelled to help, please contact me. I am placing my hope in God to turn this around, and I believe He will turn it around eventually. Sometimes He uses people to help others. Any help, no matter how small is appreciated.

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nice lady

Good Lord Almighty! You don't know what problems are until you hear the problems other people have and then your own seem so stupid and minor. I wish I had a million dollars that I could help everyone on this aid page. Good luck to you and I will pray for you. May God bless you and help you! Sincerely, Nice Lady

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